Do You Need Porsche Engine Rebuilding in Sydney? We Can Help!

There’s nothing quite like driving your Porsche along quiet roads so you can listen to the engine roar, feel the power of the acceleration and enjoy luxury in style. In fact, even sitting in congested traffic isn’t so bad when you’re sitting behind the wheel of a supercar. However, no matter how well you treat your car, its parts and components will need repairing or replacing sooner or later, and you need to find a mechanic that guarantees a high-quality job so that you and your Porsche can spend many happy years together.

Every single car requires regular maintenance and servicing, regardless of the brand or price tag. Plus, if you enjoy taking your Porsche to track days to unleash its full power, you will need to service your car more frequently than the average motorist. Fortunately, professional mechanics can carry out minor repairs with ease, but some problems require a specialist’s touch. If you need a Porsche engine rebuild in Sydney, you need to find a mechanic with years of experience and a reputation for excellence.

Here at Autowerks, we’ve repaired and serviced Porsches for the past 13 years, and our trained and qualified mechanics have over 35 years’ combined experience. Thanks to working solely with Porsche vehicles, we’ve acquired in-depth knowledge to guarantee positive results. Plus, we’re the only Porsche specialist in the Sydney area, so we’re the best company to contact when you need Porsche engine rebuilding. Keep reading below to find out why so many Porsche owners call us when they have a problem.

Porsche Engine Rebuilding in Sydney You Can Trust

The last thing you need is to take your problematic Porsche to an inexperienced mechanic who may only make matters worse. For the reasons below, thousands of motorists contact us when they need Sydney Porsche engine rebuilding.

  • We’ve been around for years – When you need a major repair such as engine rebuild, you need to know the mechanic you call has years of industry experience. We’ve operated for over 13 years, and our employees have a wealth of direct industry experience, which is one reason why so many motorists trust us to repair both minor and major issues.
  • We work solely with Porsches – Who could you trust more to restore your Porsche than a mechanic who only works with Porsches? We’re passionate about Porsches and know the ins and outs of every model because we’re the only Porsche service specialist in Sydney.
  • We’ve rebuilt thousands of Porsche engines – Every single engine rebuild job is overseen by our owner, Simon Greenwood, a qualified technician who has been repairing Porsche engines and transmissions for almost three decades.

Increase Your Porsche’s Lifespan

We all know that we might not be able to keep the same car forever, but you don’t need to send your Porsche to the scrapyard when the engine has failed. We can rebuild your engine to make it seem as good as new, and we guarantee a high-quality finish because we have the credentials and experience to repair any model of Porsche. If you want to increase your Porsche’s lifespan by having its engine rebuilt, contact us today to book an appointment.