Things You Should Look for in an Independent Sydney Porsche Mechanic

Germany is home to some of the most revered car brands in the world, including Volkswagen, BMW, Mercedes-Benz, and Audi, but Porsche is perhaps the most synonymous with luxury and style. Porsche has a sizeable fan club consisting of members from every corner of the world, and some people save money for years to buy one of their own. Some car lovers like to add classic Porsches to their collection of vehicles while others prefer the latest models that can fly around a track at exceptionally high speeds. However, regardless of which model of Porsche you own, you need to take servicing seriously.

Let’s face it, there are much cheaper vehicles than Porsches available, so it’s not a car you’d buy just to take the kids to school. Only real car lovers purchase Porsches and given they can be as expensive as property; it’s crucial to keep them in good condition. Even the latest and most expensive models will end up in a state of disrepair if you neglect maintenance, and it’s important to choose a qualified mechanic to give your car the care it needs.

At Autowerks, we’re the only Porsche servicing specialist in Sydney, and we’ve helped Porsche owners keep their cars in pristine condition for over 13 years. Our employees are factory-trained to deal specifically with Porsches and have a combined experience of over 35 years, making us one of the best mechanics to call when your Porsche needs a little TLC. Below, we detail some qualities you ought to look for in a Porsche mechanic as well as why so many car enthusiasts choose us.

Finding the Best Porsche Mechanic in Sydney

You no doubt want to find the best Sydney Porsche mechanic because your car is your pride and joy, and you probably parted ways with a significant amount of cash to purchase the model of your dreams. Here’s what you should expect from a reputable Porsche mechanic in Sydney.

  • Experience – You can’t allow just anybody under the hood of your Porsche because components are not cheap to replace if handled poorly. You need a Porsche mechanic that’s operated for many years if not decades and has vast experience in dealing with every model of Porsche. We’ve served Sydney for over 13 years and work with all Porsches regardless of age, which is one reason why we’ve earned our reputation for excellence.
  • Specialist – You could let any mechanic work on your Porsche when it needs servicing, or you could trust a mechanic that deals specifically with Porsches. We’ve acquired a wealth of knowledge over the years because we’re the only Porsche specialists in Sydney.
  • Customer service – You need a mechanic with 5-star customer service skills so that they can clearly explain problems and have your car ready for the road as soon as possible.

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Here at Autowerks, we are genuinely passionate about Porsches and aim to provide the best Porsche maintenance service in Sydney and beyond. We endeavour to fix all issues promptly so that you can return to the road in the car that you love. Contact us today with any queries or to book an appointment.